How to transform a problem into an opportunity: Migra Surf

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This week’s story is about the creation of a very unique brand: Migra Surf. Its purpose is to create sustainable, functional, and durable surfboard bags that will make surfers feel really protected when traveling and transporting their boards. The idea seems so straightforward, yet before Migra Surf there was a big gap in the market. Carrying your boards around while traveling was problematic and surfers had to be very careful not to damage them using conventional surf bags – shares Marco, Migra Surf’s founder.

This Italian legend lives now in Fuerteventura and agreed to hop on an interview with cocoworking. Learning more about the behind-the-scenes of his journey was incredible, and hopefully, it will inspire the one or the other to follow the ideas that suddenly appear in life!

Hi! Tell us a bit about yourself 🙂

Hi! My name is Marco, and I’m an Italian guy with a big passion for surfing, traveling, and, to be honest, everything that makes me feel good and purposeful! That’s what I do what I do: to inspire others through my work.

Why do you like living in Fuerteventura so much?

Fuerteventura is just an incredible island. It has so much to offer, and such a strong community of kind-hearted, adventurous people. That’s what I love the most: the wild soul of the island and the immense connection that everyone here has with the Ocean – me included. After living here for a while, it feels like the island becomes you.

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It feels like you have found your place then. What would you say are your 3 biggest passions in life?

It’s hard to filter it down to only 3, but if I had to choose, I would say passion for nature, for surfing, and for learning by experience.

When exactly did you get into surfing and what does this sport give you that you can’t find anywhere else?

I got into surfing more or less 20 years ago, and to this day it is the biggest addiction I have. And an addiction I don’t mind having, because of everything it has to offer. Surfing for me is a mix of different feelings and dynamics: the immersion in nature, the confrontation with fear, and the connection with my soul… It is a sport that evolves with me and I love that.

What a cool way to put it. What about Migra Surf… could you share what inspired you to create it and what vision you have with this brand?

The inspiration for MIGRA came during a solo trip to some remote islands in the Philippines a few years ago. On this trip, I used several different modes of transportation, from a pedal tuk-tuk and old vans to small propeller airplanes… every time I was confronted with the same problem: how to load my surfboards and especially how to protect them. So that’s about the time that the light bulb in my head lit up, and MIGRA SURF started becoming an idea.

What has been your biggest challenge with Migra Surf so far?

I think all the parts of entrepreneurship are challenging, yet so enriching. For me, designing and developing an eco-friendly surf bag that really protects my customers’ boards was my main priority, and it was the part in which I spent most resources. I want it to be perfect!

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And your biggest accomplishment?

Every time I receive good feedback from my customers, my face lights up. It’s so reassuring and comforting to know that your hard work is worth it and helping someone out there to solve a problem. That’s probably my biggest accomplishment.

In which ways do you think that surfing and the surf community have changed the island of Fuerteventura in recent years?

Surfing for me is a passion, not a sport. That’s why it is so important to have the necessary sensibility to protect the playground we use for moving with the waves. During my first trips to Fuerteventura almost 15 years ago there was already a big community of surfers who all had a strong connection to the Island, and of course, they took care of it. Recently, the number of tourists has increased but luckily a portion of these surfers still is devoted to protecting Fuerteventura and its ecosystems. And that’s what’s important: to come together as a family and protect what is given to us!

What is your opinion on coworking spaces like cocoworking that are attracting so many international people and remote workers to the island?

I have been working remotely for a long time already – since 2009 to be exact. So for me, seeing this hub and community of digital nomads and ex-pats growing so much makes me super happy. I have always loved to be connected to new people, new ways of seeing the world, new cultures… and working from a coworking space is the best place to do this!

Where can people connect with you?

Oh, I am always reachable on our MIGRA SURF Instagram page, so I would suggest you to follow the page to find out more about the brand and our products. Another good way to get updated is by following our newsletter on our website.

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