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by Lisa Klakow

“… In this article we will introduce you to three extraordinary coworking spaces in the Canary Islands.

1. “Cocoworking” on Fuerteventura: Founded with a great vision

“Cocoworking“ on Fuerteventura was founded by Matteo, who has a big vision. In addition to high-quality desks, comfortable chairs and fast WiFi, “Cocoworking” should above all be a place for exchange. A place where you can meet interesting people and exchange fascinating ideas – with 24/7 access. With “Cocoworking” Matteo creates a space for people who think beyond the usual work ethic and want to support productivity, collaboration and the connection to a larger goal with their work.
Meaningful work in a great community
At “Cocoworking” you mainly meet motivated people with whom you can connect. The weekly events, which are free for members, ensure a very special sense of community. When surfing, yoga, doing handicrafts, meditating and painting, you not only meet like-minded people, you can also let your own ideas run free and draw new energy.

Our questions to Matteo Leoni, maker behind Cocoworking:

What made you decide to open a coworking space in Fuerteventura?

The idea of ​​Coco was born with the intention of creating a bridge between cultures while respecting the traditions and the environment of the city. Having lived on the island for three years now, I have found that the city lacks a central hub where locals and travelers can work together and easily share ideas, projects and life stories. A place that facilitates the teleworking world that has been booming since the pandemic and offers the opportunity to host a wider cultural mix. Most of the new expats who have arrived in Fuerteventura dream of working in a paradise like El Cotillo…”

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